4675 Via Amante, Yorba Linda, CA. #1

by Rod Jeheber on October 5, 2009

French Country Style Home

4675 Via Amante, Yorba Linda, California

The Borels have hired Phil Howard of P. Howard Construction to build their new home.

Here you are standing in what use to be the driveway to the old home looking towards the rear of the lot. After the home was destroyed in the Freeway Complex Fires last fall, the owners hired Tight Quarters, Inc. to demolished what remained of the home  including the foundation and footings.

4675 Via Amante, Yobra Linda, CA

This was the owner’s 1963 Volkswagen Bug that unfortunately was destroyed in the fires as well.

burnt down volkswagen


The city of Yorba Linda issues a grading permit first. The contractor may need to re-compact the soil based upon the recommendations from the soils engineer and his soils report. For the Borels project EGA Consultants required a re-compaction of the area of construction at a depth of three below the existing surface. Once the site has been recompacted and inspected, the contractor is then able to go down and pull the building permits before digging out the footings for the new foundation.

4675 Via Amante, Yorba Linda, CA

4675 Via Amante, Yorba Linda, CA

If I can answer any questions about  how to obtain a building permit, or the process of building a new home or remodeling an existing home, please feel free to contact me at 949-723-4393 or email me.

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